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The Durham Ox Inn is the oldest Inn in Ilkeston and dates back to 1861, and it is said that it also doubled up as the town jail.

The convicts were held in the cellars beneath the Inn before being taken through the underground caves and passageways up to St Mary's church at the top of the town.

They were then tried at the church, and depending on the severity of the crime, were sometimes hung on the gallows that stood there.

Things have changed over the centuries of course and we now only hang customers who complain or misbehave on a regular basis.......

When we were renovating the Durham Ox Inn our aim was to enhance the centuries of character and charm that were inherent in the building and create a respite from the rigours and chaos of everyday modern fast paced life. Our ambition was that when you walked through our door a feeling of calm would pass over you and allow you to switch off and relax, enjoy a drink or a meal in comfortable unhurried surroundings, and not feel the need to rush off anywhere...

We are proud to say our customers tell us that we have achieved that very ambition and we hope you will soon pay us a visit and join the Durham Ox Family.

Winner of the Pride in Erewash Ilkeston Good Town Trader Award...